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The Message from Our Lady given to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, on Saturday, 2nd June 2018
"Dear My children, even today I'm with you and I'm coming to give you My Son's love. I'm happy of all of you who have come to meet the Peace King. My children, I'm looking deep of your hearts and I can see bewilderment and tonight, as your Mother, I want to nourish you with His love, but if that strong desire of discovering the prayer beauty isn't born in you, you don't hear the beat of your heart and you feel without enthusiasm. I don't do anything else, My children, that to be with you and to teach you how a mother teaches her children. I desire that each of you learn to know more about the Sacred Scriptures, so that you can follow them in a holiness path. It's necessary to be free and to know how to abandon themselves in the Father’s arms in order to know how to fly. The more you are simple and humble and the more your heart fills with peace, so that you become free creatures. My children, remember that you aren't alone! My Son Jesus is always among you to donate His love, because He's Love! Pray, My children, pray, pray, pray, so that you may savour that embrace that only the Father knows how to donate. Thank you, My children, for your presence. I'm blessing you so that you may be bearers of peace and joy. In order to be My Apostles, in these times there's  need of witnessing  to the wonders God has for each of you. I love you, My children, and I don't want any of you to be lost in this world where Satan's enveloping you, making you believe that God there isn't. Pray in order not to fall into his hands. It's necessary, My children, to free yourselves from sin. Thank you for having answered My call".
(Our Lady blessed all of us and the present objects.)
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